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Bulkley Black & Blue steelhead fly :: Maxwell Steelhead Guides

Bulkley Black & Blue

WHAT FLY YOU USE CAN BE A VERY PERSONAL CHOICE to some anglers, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out what others use… especially guides …on the rivers you fish. You should also understand that the fly you choose is not as important as the confidence you have when fishing with that fly.

Denise Maxwell's fly box for fishing wild Bulkley River steelhead

Denise Maxwell’s fly box

This box of flies includes many of our favorite flies to use on the Bulkley River. This is my show box that I use when I do a presentation on fly fishing for wild steelhead on the Bulkley, not that it is looking in prime shape.

Click on the image (left) to have a closer look at the flies!

Included in this box are Mike Maxwell’s Telkwa Stone Dry and Telkwa Stone Nymph. Both of these flies have been proven successful on the Bulkley River. Be sure you read the article called ‘Dry Fly Steelheading‘.

Telkwa Stone Dry :: Maxwell Steelhead Guides

Telkwa Stone Dry

Telkwa Stone Nymph :: Maxwell Steelhead Guides

Telkwa Stone Nymph

Also included are some other proven flies such as the Popsicle which is such an easy fly to tie, as well as Egg Sucking Leeches, Woolly Worms and many variations of the Bulkley Black & Blue.

Other than the dry flies, there are many variations for each fly. They can be tied on regular hooks, tube flies, trailing loop flies, with or without weight (bar bells) and different sizes. Preferred colours are black, which works almost everywhere, purple, different blues, pinks and some reds.

Having said that, there isn’t any reason you can’t use your favorite colors, but be sure to have some of our favorites in your box. Be advised that all hooks must be barbless on the Skeena River system when fishing for steelhead.

If you go to the Blog > Flies & Gear > Bulkley Steelhead Flies, you will find pattern dressings and tying instructions for some of our favorite flies. If you have some proven flies that you use on the Bulkley River and other rivers in the Skeena River system, email me a photo, pattern dressing, tying instructions, etc.,  I can add them to our online fly box.

Denise Maxwell
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