Guiding on Skeena Classified Waters


OKAY, HERE IS A QUESTION FOR YOU… What do you know about guiding on the classified waters of the Skeena River system?

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Scenic Bulkley River

I bet you don’t know that there are a limited number of guides for each river and each guide license has a certain number of angler days with it. An angler day is one day that a guide can take an angler fishing on a certain river.

For example, my rod days are on the Bulkley River and I can’t take anglers fishing on the Kispiox or Copper or Skeena. I could if I had purchased rod days for those rivers, but angler days are expensive and not readily available.

Guides can have assistant guides and they sign a separate license for them. That assistant guide then works under the legal guide’s license and insurance. That’s right! We have to carry liability insurance in order to operate.

So if you are booking with someone to go fishing on one of the Skeena Rivers, make sure you ask if they have a legal guide’s license for that river.

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