Bulkley Steelhead Flies


Tube Flies ~ Part One

Tube Fly Tubes :: Maxwell Steelhead Guides

AS A STEELHEAD GUIDE, I am always asked about the best fly patterns to use for steelhead on the Bulkley River, but little is asked about the type of flies to use. A fly is a fly – right? Let me give you a ‘heads up’ about a type of fly we use a lot … Read more

Bulkley Black & Blue

Bulkley Black & Blue steelhead fly :: Maxwell Steelhead Guides

TYING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BULKLEY BLACK & BLUE… Start with a tail of black ostrich (6-12 pieces). For the length of the ostrich, look to photo for proportions. Add 2 – 4 stands of blue flashabou to the tail. Tie in the flash to lay down either side of the tail. Use an equal # … Read more

Telkwa Stone Dry

Telkwa Stone Dry :: Maxwell Steelhead Guides

THE TELKWA STONE DRY is a pattern developed by Mike Maxwell for fishing a dry fly on the Bulkley River for wild steelhead. Telkwa refers to the nearest village, which is just outside of Smithers, BC.

Welcome to Maxwells

Denise Maxwell, Owner/Operator of Maxwell Steelhead Guides and Licensed Guide

JUST A SHORT MESSAGE TO GET YOU GOING + COMING BACK… please check our web site on a regular basis to see what is new. I will be posting updates through our season, steelhead fly patterns and tying instructions, articles, photos, etc… you should find something new when you check in! We also encourage our … Read more