Buy Local – K & N Tie’n’ Fly


Having guided and fished on the Bulkley River for over 30 years, it hasn’t been easy to find and buy equipment locally – especially flies and especially during the fishing season.  However that has changed for the better.

You can imagine the relief when we discovered some local tiers from the Kispiox River – a young couple who are pursuing a fishing career, including building a small flytying company called K & N Tie’n’Fly.  Ken and Nikita Campbell are busy tying flies and selling them.  They sell mail order and will custom tie an order for you – or you may find them on the Kispiox with some flies for sale.

Check them out on Facebook and like their page.

See their flies below:

K & N Flies-1

K & N Flies - 2

You know that these flies are going to work on both the Kispiox and the Bulkley for steelhead.



If you fish the Skeena Rivers including the Kispiox and Bulkley Rivers – give them a call to buy some tested fly patterns and help support our local economy.


Maxwell Steelhead Guides (MSG) is supporting them and we hope you do as well.

Cheers – Denise




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