Denise Maxwell

Denise Maxwell

The Bulkley and MSG are open for business

Welcome to Steelhead Paradise! That is the new sign entering Smithers and the message that Tourism Smithers and town council want to drive home with tourists who have been avoiding the region because of rumours that they would be evicted from the rivers over First Nation treaty disputes. MSG started the guiding season early and … Read more

Buy Local – K & N Tie’n’ Fly

Having guided and fished on the Bulkley River for over 30 years, it hasn’t been easy to find and buy equipment locally – especially flies and especially during the fishing season.  However that has changed for the better. You can imagine the relief when we discovered some local tiers from the Kispiox River – a … Read more

Tube Flies ~ Part One

Tube Fly Tubes :: Maxwell Steelhead Guides

AS A STEELHEAD GUIDE, I am always asked about the best fly patterns to use for steelhead on the Bulkley River, but little is asked about the type of flies to use. A fly is a fly – right? Let me give you a ‘heads up’ about a type of fly we use a lot … Read more

Guiding on Skeena Classified Waters

Speyfishing for wild Bulkley River steelhead :: Maxwell Steelhead Guides

OKAY, HERE IS A QUESTION FOR YOU… What do you know about guiding on the classified waters of the Skeena River system? I bet you don’t know that there are a limited number of guides for each river and each guide license has a certain number of angler days with it. An angler day is … Read more

Bulkley Black & Blue

Bulkley Black & Blue steelhead fly :: Maxwell Steelhead Guides

TYING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BULKLEY BLACK & BLUE… Start with a tail of black ostrich (6-12 pieces). For the length of the ostrich, look to photo for proportions. Add 2 – 4 stands of blue flashabou to the tail. Tie in the flash to lay down either side of the tail. Use an equal # … Read more